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How to Save Money With a Seasonal Maintenance Plan


Maintenance plan subscribers have the benefit of saving money on regular maintenance visits. For as little as $15 per month subscribers can rest assured that their A/C system is operating at its optimal level, helping to avoid potentially costly repairs. Plus, subscribers will experience an increased return-on-investment with their HVAC system because regular maintenance helps prevent minor issues from causing big problems. With electronic funds transfer (EFT), maintenance plan payments are protected and secure. Keep reading to discover how to save money with a maintenance plan.

Maintenance Plans Can Help Lower Energy Bills

Maintenance checkups do not always include repairs. Regular maintenance includes checking for wear, functionality and making necessary air filter changes. When all parts work properly, the air conditioning unit will run more efficiently, using less energy while maintaining comfort standards. As a result, a maintenance plan helps keep energy bills low.

Preventive Maintenance Can Stop Major Problems From Occurring

Many small problems get overlooked. Incidental noises or inconsistent air temperatures do not receive necessary attention when the unit functions well otherwise. With regular system maintenance, a technician can spot small problems and resolve them before they turn into larger ones. This can increase unit efficiency and longevity.

Maintenance Plans Ensure Trustworthy and Honest Technicians

Customers who sign up for maintenance plans will benefit from the security and consistency of working with a company they trust. Having designated technicians allows the homeowner to build rapport and history, making it easier to ask questions and receive honest answers. Technicians can also provide energy-saving tips and ongoing preventative maintenance strategies.

Electronic Fund Transfer Allow Easy, Secure Payments

As another benefit, customers can easily and securely make maintenance plan payments with electronic fund transfer (EFT). This convenient option provides a simple and secure method to do business and a hassle-free way to ensure regular preventative maintenance checkups.

Contact Air Tech of Central Florida

Homeowners looking to start saving on heating and cooling should contact Air Tech of Central Florida to receive prompt assistance with any HVAC problem and to set up a maintenance plan. Simply contact us today.

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