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AC Repair

24/7 Longwood AC Repair Services

Professional Air Conditioner Repairs for Customers in Orlando & Beyond

Turn to the certified HVAC experts at Air Tech of Central Florida for unmatched air conditioning service. We are here when you need fast and efficient AC service to ensure your complete comfort. For more than 30 years, we have been the air conditioning service company of choice for Longwood homeowners. We have a commitment to excellence and a focus on fast and friendly service.  

Whether your home needs air conditioning repair, regular maintenance, or a brand-new installation, our certified HVAC technicians have the expertise to complete every service efficiently. We always go above and beyond to deliver stellar results for our customers. 

Our Longwood air conditioning services include: 

No matter what services you may need, Air Tech of Central Florida is here to help. Call us at (407) 901-2777 or fill out our online contact form for AC repair in Longwood today!

An AC Company That Prioritizes Your Home Comfort

The air conditioner is a critical part of your home, keeping everyone cool when the temperatures escalate and providing the ultimate comfort. When an air conditioning unit malfunctions, this can pose a major challenge and seriously hinder your ability to create an ideal indoor environment. That’s why it is essential to contact a professional air conditioning service company to get fast and efficient AC repair. That’s where we come in!

At Air Tech of Central Florida, we service and repair all makes and models of air conditioners. Some of the AC units we service include: 

  • Lennox
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Whirlpool
  • Coleman
  • Goodman

We have the expertise to deliver outstanding air conditioning service to address any AC repair concern. Our AC repair services can address anything from a blown fuse to a broken condenser. No matter what the problem is with your AC unit, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will provide reliable services for your air conditioning system. 

When to Call for AC Repair

An air conditioning system requires immediate repairs when it stops working completely. However, in other cases, it may work intermittently. If your unit sometimes works, you might put off calling for repairs. But calling us for an inspection and repair early lets us catch minor problems before they become major. 

At Air Tech of Central Florida, we ensure that you get the best and most timely AC system repair. We can assist you with making the best decision for your AC repair needs to optimize the cost and save time. 

Consider AC repair if you notice: 

  • Water leaking from the AC: A leaking AC system is a twofold issue, as this can lead to water damage in the home. A leaky unit can indicate the need for drain pan care or refrigerant servicing. Our expert AC technician will assess the cause of the leak and provide fast and effective AC repair services. 
  • Unusual smells: If you notice a bad or musty smell coming from the AC unit, there are many potential causes. An AC unit that has been running for a long time can build up mildew, or an animal could have become lodged in the ducts. The best way to remedy the issue is to call us to uncover the source of the smell and repair your system. 
  • Your AC blows warm air: An AC unit that blows warm air isn’t doing its job. We’ll check the refrigerant level, condenser unit, evaporator coils, and thermostat to find the source of the problem.
  • Your AC unit stops working: If your unit won’t turn on at all, it’s time to call for repairs. We’ll come out as soon as possible to find the root cause of the problem and fix it to restore cool air to your home.

Uncertain if the unit needs comprehensive AC repair? Contact one of our experienced HVAC experts to get a professional consultation today! We can address all of your AC repair concerns quickly and effectively so you can enjoy optimal indoor temperatures. 

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Make the Most of Your System with AC Maintenance

It can be tiring, not to mention expensive, to deal with a faulty AC unit, especially if the problem keeps recurring. One of the best ways to avoid too many AC repair service calls is to schedule regular maintenance services. With our club membership HVAC maintenance plan, you get two annual maintenance visits, a one-month labor warranty on repairs, priority scheduling, and discounts on many services!

With regular and professional maintenance, you can reduce the chances of experiencing a breakdown. Maintenance will also extend the life of your system so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable interior with a well-maintained AC unit. Let our experienced and knowledgeable specialists keep your AC system running at its best with our complete maintenance services today!

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AC Service FAQs

If you’ve never experienced a breakdown with your air conditioning system, you may not know what to expect when it malfunctions. Over the past 30 years, we’ve received many different questions about the AC repair process. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about air conditioning repair: 

Is it better to repair or replace a broken AC unit?

The decision to repair or replace an AC unit is important, and it’s essential to think of the AC unit as an investment. When the cost of repairing the AC system is comparable to the cost of replacing it, then a new AC system is the better choice. 

As you consider your options, keep in mind:

  • The cost of energy
  • Your unit’s SEER rating, age, existing warranty
  • The frequency of the AC repair issues

If your AC is more than ten years old or the cost of repair is 30% of the price of a new unit, a new, energy-efficient AC can save you money on future repairs.

Why is the utility bill so high?

If your utility bill is higher than normal in the summer, this could mean your AC unit is malfunctioning and needs repair. The AC unit is a very complex piece of equipment, and if one or more parts aren’t working properly, this can cause the unit to work harder to achieve the same cooling output. This results in it using up more electricity than it should and causing higher electric bills. 

When your power bill increases unexpectedly, contact the specialists at Air Tech of Central Florida to get a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.

Why is there a bad smell coming from the AC system?

Common causes of AC smells include: 

  • Parts that have burnt out
  • Mildew
  • Fluid leak
  • Pest issues
  • Sitting water
  • Poor ventilation

How long will AC repair take?

We know that your time is important, so we work to complete all AC repairs on the same day as your inspection. The exact length of the repair will depend on several factors, including the brand of the AC unit, the type of repair, and the condition of your system. We will work quickly and effectively to remedy your AC repair issue as quickly as possible. 

What is the cost of AC repair?

With many AC units, it can be hard to determine the extent of the damage prior to a diagnosis. Once your Air Tech technician has diagnosed the issue, we will have a better idea as to what the cost of the air conditioning repair will be. We always provide a clear quote and cost breakdown before starting work.

Call Air Tech of Central Florida Today

Air Tech of Central Florida is the leading heating and AC repair company serving Longwood and the nearby areas. We have experience handling all kinds of AC repairs, including fixing outdoor condensing units, blown fuses, leaking units, and more.  No matter what your repair concerns are, our knowledgeable technicians will perform a thorough diagnosis and fix the issue effectively. Our goal is to keep you cool and comfortable with quality air conditioning repair by experienced and certified technicians.  

Call Air Tech of Central Florida today for all of your AC repair needs in Longwood and the surrounding areas. Contact us at (407) 901-2777 to schedule a consultation today!

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