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Heat Pump Repair

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In Longwood, FL, the summers can be sweltering, and the winters can get quite frosty, especially when the sun goes down. Having a heat pump system to regulate the temperature during the hot and cold seasons is the most efficient way for Longwood, FL, residents to stay comfortable in their homes. While many heat pump repair companies offer maintenance and repair services in Florida, homeowners need a dependable company to rely on when their systems aren’t operating correctly.

At Air Tech of Central Florida, we offer comprehensive heat pump system repair and maintenance for all home and business owners in Longwood, FL, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our licensed and certified technicians have the training to meet the highest industry standards. When you need quality heat pump repair service in Longwood, FL, there’s no better choice than Air Tech of Central Florida.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

Many think a heat pump is designed to provide warmth to a house or building and nothing more. However, a heat pump doesn’t create heat; it works with your system’s air handler to move heat to where it’s needed. 

When it’s cold outside, your heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air and distributes it throughout your home. During the warm seasons, your heat pump’s reversing valve allows it to switch the flow of refrigerant to pull heat from your home and make it cooler. Since it doesn’t use fossil fuel, having a heat pump system is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, be more energy-efficient, and save on your monthly energy bill.

Home Heat Pump Repair Service In Longwood, FL

Heat pump repair can be complicated and confusing. We recommend having a professional do all servicing and repairs to your system rather than attempting it as a DIY home improvement project. Trying to pinpoint the issues with your system can be difficult without training and experience, and you could worsen the problem, requiring a more expensive repair. 

Signs Of Common Heat Pump Issues

Since your heat pump works year-round to heat and cool your home, it requires routine maintenance to prevent problems from occurring when you need it most. The most common signs of heat pump malfunctions include:

  • Unusual Noises - If your heat pump system is hissing, rattling, or banging, you may have a refrigerant leak, loose hardware, or an issue with the fan or compressor.
  • Decreased Performance - If your heat pump doesn’t warm or cool your house as well as it used to, it could be on the verge of breaking down.
  • Energy Bill Increase - A sudden hike in your utility bill may indicate a problem with your heat pump.
  • Short Cycling - When your heat pump switches on frequently but only stays on for a short period, something is wrong with the system.
  • Frozen Coils - If the evaporator coil or condenser coil keeps freezing over, you may be dealing with refrigerant leaks or an airflow issue.
  • Reversing Issue - A heat pump that has trouble switching from heating to cooling mode (or vice versa) has a malfunctioning reversing valve or an issue with the thermostat.

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Most Common Heat Pump Problems

Several things can cause your heat pump to behave strangely or stop working altogether. Some issues are small, simple, and take little time to fix, while others are complicated and require specific tools and an advanced understanding of the system’s operation. Home heat pump repair requires the experience of an HVAC professional to guarantee all issues with the system get the proper treatment. The most common problems that require heat pump system repair include the following:

  • Improper Air Flow - Your heat pump system needs adequate airflow to run properly. Since it runs all year, several things can cause a decline in airflow and put undue strain on the system. 
    For example, if your air filters are dirty, they will block air from passing through and cause the system to overheat. Changing your filters every two to three months will prevent this. If you have animals with dander in your home, you may have to change your filters more often.
    Debris and other blockages to your vents or duct system can also inhibit airflow and cause your heat pump to malfunction. The fan in your air handler needs to work for proper airflow too. Our HVAC specialists can clean ducts and vents and repair any issues with your blower fan.
  • Refrigerant Leaks - Your heat pump has a defrost cycle to rid the coils of your outdoor unit of frost. If the defrost cycle isn’t working, that’s a tell-tale sign of a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system. While poor airflow can also cause coils to freeze over, low refrigerant is the most likely culprit if your air filters are clean.
    If your heat pump coil doesn’t thaw after a defrost cycle, call an HVAC professional to repair the system before it triggers more expensive problems. 
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How Often Should I Get My Heat Pump Serviced?

Homeowners should receive a heat pump tune-up once a year to keep their systems running smoothly and efficiently. For Central Florida residents who experience hotter summers than most of the country, we recommend having your heat pump serviced twice a year.

How Much Does Home Heat Pump Repair Cost?

Heat pump repair can cost anywhere between $150 and $650, depending on the model and repairs required. At Air Tech of Central Florida, we work with our clients to find solutions that fit their budgets.

Who Does Heat Pump Repair Near Me?

If you live in Longwood, FL, the best choice for quality heat pump repair is Air Tech of Central Florida. With over 500 five-star reviews online, it’s no wonder home and business owners trust us for all their HVAC and plumbing needs.

Heat Pump Repair Near Me: Longwood, FL

When it comes to heat pump maintenance and repair, no company in Longwood, FL, does it better than Air Tech of Central Florida. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques to fix problems quickly and ensure your system performs efficiently. Whether you need a heat pump tune-up or a repair to the system, our HVAC professionals are here to help.

For the most reliable and thorough heat pump repair in Longwood, FL, choose Air Tech of Central Florida. Call us at (407) 901-2777 to schedule an appointment today.

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