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Wekiva Springs

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Not every home or business is privileged to be fully climate-controlled all year through. While there are a lot of homes, some are not as fortunate. This is when you need an HVAC company to help you with your heating and cooling problems. Enter Air Tech of Central Florida.

When you choose Air Tech of Central Florida, you are choosing a family-owned and locally operated business that has served Wekiva Springs and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Our NATE-certified technicians are bonded and insured, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all our work. We know that you want the best quality at a reasonable price when it comes to your home or business comfort systems. That’s why we offer our services at affordable rates. With so many things to worry about, you can depend on us to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Our range of services includes:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Installation
  • Heating Repair
  • Heating Installation

Contact Air Tech of Central Florida online or call (407) 901-2777 for free estimates on comprehensive HVAC services in Wekiva Springs.

AC Repair in Wekiva Springs

A faulty AC not only makes your home uncomfortable but also increases your energy bills. Worse still, it can cause damage to your home’s structure if left unchecked for too long. But how do you know your system needs repair? If your AC turns on and off more often than usual, that’s a sign of trouble. It could be due to a defective thermostat or pressure switch, so schedule repairs immediately. 

If you smell something like rotten eggs coming from your vents, this could indicate mold or other problems that need to be addressed right away. Additionally, if you notice water dripping inside during humid weather, something is wrong with your condenser coil, which could lead to costly repairs down the road. Also, if your unit is making loud noises or not turning on at all, the fan might have stopped working, and you might need a full system replacement.

When your AC exhibits any of the above signs, it’s time to call the experts at Air Tech for AC repair. We provide fast service and accurate diagnoses, so you know exactly what needs fixing and what doesn’t. Whether you need simple fixes like cleaning out your coils and filters or more complex ones like replacing electrical components or repairing damaged ducts, no job is too difficult for us. Our goal is always the same — ensuring you have a working AC that keeps you cool and comfortable all year.

Call us today for the best AC repair services in Wekiva Springs.

AC Maintenance in Wekiva Springs

If you live in Wekiva Springs, you probably notice that the weather can get pretty hot. And when it’s hot, you will want your air conditioner to work as hard as possible to keep your home or office cool. Unfortunately, if your AC isn’t properly maintained, it can’t do its job as well as it should. So, you should schedule regular AC maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. 

During this service, professionals thoroughly inspect your system, including checking for air leaks and assessing the overall condition of the unit, all while keeping safety in mind. Consequently, your AC operates at its best, which means lower utility bills and less stress on yourself. Better still, regular maintenance extends your system’s lifespan by ensuring all components run properly together without any issues whatsoever. 

If you are a business or homeowner in Wekiva Springs, consider scheduling regular maintenance appointments with an HVAC company like Air Tech. During maintenance visits, our technicians will check the functionality of each component within your system and ensure everything is working properly. This includes inspecting the compressor, the blower motor, the condenser coil, the evaporator coil, and more. 

If any of these components malfunctions, your AC can lose its efficiency. As a result, it will use more energy than necessary to cool your home. Our technicians will also recommend any additional services or repairs that may be necessary so that your system runs at optimal efficiency for longer than ever before.

For unrivaled AC maintenance service in Wekiva Springs, call Air Tech today at (407) 901-2777.

Why Choose Air Tech of Central Florida?

  • Emergency Services Available
    Don't sit around and wait for an HVAC technician. We're here for you!
  • Convenient Payment Plans
    Ask about our payment plan options and pay the way you'd like.
  • Contact Us for a Free Estimate
    Talk to our HVAC team today during a free estimate.
  • Backed by a Warranty
    Get peace of mind with our warranty-backed services.

AC Installation in Wekiva Springs

It’s the middle of summer, and you are hot. You have tried putting a fan on full blast and leaving the windows open, but nothing seems to be working. If you are in Wekiva Springs, we have some good news for you. Installing an air conditioning system can help you save money on your electric bills and keep your entire family cool like a cucumber. 

With an old-fashioned window unit or portable AC unit, this might not be possible. But with modern equipment installed by an experienced HVAC company like Air Tech of Central Florida, all of your cooling needs will be met without breaking the bank. Furthermore, a new AC keeps your family safe. If your home has poor ventilation and too much moisture or humidity inside, this can cause health problems like allergies or asthma attacks. An air conditioner helps control the temperature and humidity levels in your home.

Ready to enjoy all the benefits that come with AC installation? Air Tech is here to help you beat the heat. We know that when it gets hot outside, you want to go about your day as usual without worrying about how you will stay cool. That’s why we offer installation services for air conditioners of all sizes and styles, including window units, central air conditioning systems, and more. Whether you’re looking for a quick installation or a thorough assessment of your needs before making a decision on what kind of unit will work best in your home or business, we will ensure you are happy with our service.

We look forward to working with you. Call us today.

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Choose Air Tech of Central Florida as Your HVAC Ductwork in Wekiva Springs

We have been helping businesses and homeowners like you with their heating and cooling needs since 1988. Our team has the skills and experience to handle any job, from installing a new furnace to fixing a broken air conditioner. We have built our business on the trust and loyalty of our clients. So, we want to help you feel comfortable knowing that when you need an HVAC contractor in Wekiva Springs, Air Tech of Central Florida can be counted on to provide top-notch service.

Contact Air Tech of Central Florida online or call (407) 901-2777 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our HVAC services in Wekiva Springs.

Our HVAC services include:

  • AC Coil Cleaning
  • AC Compressor Replacement
  • AC Installation
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Repair
  • Ductless AC Repair & Cleaning
  • Ductless Mini Split
  • Refrigerant Leak Repair
  • Thermostat Repair & Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Repair

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