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Thermostat Repair & Installation

#1 For Thermostat Repair & Installation Service In Longwood, FL

Your thermostat acts as the “brain” of your HVAC system, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Once you set your desired temperature, it controls your heating and cooling cycles, helping the various components work together to regulate room temperatures in your home.

Residents of Longwood, FL, know that air conditioning is crucial, especially during the muggy summer months. That’s why a malfunctioning thermostat is such a concern for local homeowners. With over 30 years of experience, Air Tech of Central Florida is well aware of the necessity of a working thermostat. Is your thermostat not working? Let the experts at Air Tech put their thermostat repair and installation skills to work.   

Signs You Need A New Thermostat

On average, most thermostats last approximately ten years. While many problems are fixable, it may be time to replace your aging thermostat. Some of the symptoms of a failing thermostat include: 

  • Short Cycling AC Unit - Short cycling means your AC frequently turns on and off, with no noticeable change in your home’s temperature. While this may be an AC issue, it also indicates a thermostat problem. 
  • Responding Poorly to Settings - When your home isn’t as comfortable as you like, changing the settings on your thermostat often remedies the problem. However, if your heating and cooling system isn’t responding accordingly, this may mean your thermostat needs repair. 
  • Incorrect Temperature Readings - When the thermostat setting reads 70 degrees, but the house certainly doesn’t feel like that temperature, the thermostat may be the culprit. 
  • Unresponsive Thermostat - When your thermostat won’t turn on or display information on the screen, it’s time for replacement or repair. While the issue may be dirt or a faulty connection, the truth is that your HVAC won’t turn on to heat and cool your home properly without a thermostat. 

In some of the above cases, all you have to do to fix the problem is replace the battery, but in other cases, professional help is necessary.  

Types Of Thermostats

While there are several brands of thermostats available, all of them fall into three basic categories:

  • Manual Thermostat - The most basic option, manual thermostats offer a no-frills way to control the temperature in your home. Manual thermostats (a.k.a. mechanical thermostats) are simple to operate and common in older homes. However, they don’t include the features that make energy saving and temperature adjustment automatic and easy. 
  • Programmable Thermostats - Programmable thermostats come in a range of options for optimal customization. Whether you want the same temperatures every day of the week or a different temperature every day, programmable thermostats have you covered. Some programmable thermostats include features allowing you to monitor things like humidity and air filtration and even send maintenance reminders. They’re convenient and can cut your heating and cooling bill by over 30%.  
  • Smart Thermostats - The benefits of smart Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats outpace everything you thought a thermostat could do. By using technology to learn your temperature preferences and habits, smart thermostats offer the best in energy savings and comfort, all in one. Smart thermostats enhance the energy efficiency and overall performance of your HVAC system. They give you all the customization options you need right at your fingertips, even when you’re not at home.  

Thermostat Repair Near Me

If you’re looking for the best in thermostat installation and repair in Longwood, FL, and beyond, look no further than Air Tech. Are you thinking of replacing the thermostat in your home? Call us today at (407) 901-2777 to schedule an evaluation with one of our knowledgeable and highly trained thermostat repair technicians.

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