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How to Safely Reduce Garbage Disposal Odors


Garbage disposals are undeniably useful in that they can make ordinary kitchen tasks far simpler. A garbage disposal can make it easier to clean up during cooking and after eating. However, cleaning your disposal properly is essential. Failing to do this can cause foul odors from decaying food and bacteria. Here are a few steps for keeping your garbage disposal clean and odor-free.

1. Remove Debris: Start by cutting the power to your garbage disposal unit at your breaker box. This can help to reduce the risk of injury. You can then remove any larger food fragments using a flashlight and a pair of tongs.
2. Run Water Through it: Plug the sink and fill it with water, then simply run all the water through the garbage disposal. This can help to flush out most of the food debris and bacteria causing your odors.
3. Lemons or Oranges: The strong smell of fresh lemon or orange zest can eliminate just about any odor from your garbage disposal. Another benefit of this solution is that it involves no harsh chemicals and is entirely natural. Simply run some chopped citrus through your garbage disposal to have it smelling fresh and clean. Do this with caution, however, as peels can cause the disposal to jam.
4. Ice: Experts recommend running ice cubes through garbage disposal as a way to help clean the blades and break up food debris. Less food debris means less opportunity for odors to develop.
5. Distilled White Vinegar: Vinegar is a great household cleaner with a variety of uses, and is helpful in removing bad smells from a garbage disposal unit. For increased effectiveness, combine the vinegar with baking soda.

Preventing Odors

Limit bad odors from developing by only using your disposal to get rid of waste items that won’t clump up or leave material behind, like banana peels or large quantities of rice. You should also run the garbage disposal long enough to eliminate all of the debris. In many cases, people run the appliance only until the grinding sound stops, or when they assume all the waste is gone. However, it’s best to continue running your disposal for a few seconds longer to reduce the amount of residue left behind.

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