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Why does replacing a Capacitor cost so much


We understand that unexpected repair costs can be frustrating and sometimes confusing. One area that may cause confusion is the cost of capacitor replacement in your HVAC system. While a capacitor may seem like a small and inexpensive part, the cost of replacement is often higher than expected.

We want to take the time to explain the importance of a full diagnostic when replacing a capacitor. When our HVAC professionals replace a capacitor, they don’t just replace the capacitor and leave it at that. They perform a full diagnostic to identify any underlying issues that could have caused the capacitor to fail, such as a compressor over-amping or a short in the condenser fan motor.

By performing a full diagnostic, we can ensure that the underlying issue is addressed and prevent future failures. This not only ensures that your system is running smoothly and efficiently, but also saves you from additional repair costs down the line. Additionally, we want to remind you that our professionals have invested in training, equipment, and insurance to provide quality service to our customers. The cost of capacitor replacement reflects this investment in our business and expertise.

We hope that this explanation helps you better understand the cost of capacitor replacement and the value of a full diagnostic. As always, our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for choosing us as your HVAC service provider.

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