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8 Important Questions to Ask During Your Air Conditioning Estimate


When you need a new air conditioner installed in your home, you might have a number of questions you want answered first. You need this information so you can make the best decision for your budget and the comfort of your home. You can get this information by knowing what questions to ask during your home’s air conditioning estimate.

1. What Size Air Conditioner Do I Really Need for My Home?

One of the main questions you want to ask during your air conditioning estimate is what size of a unit you need for your home. You want to ensure you get one that can completely cool your entire house. However, you want to avoid buying one that is too small or too large. Your AC technician can advise you on what size of an AC unit you need based on the square feet size of your home.

2. Is My Current Ductwork Suitable for My New Air Conditioner?

You also need to find out if the ductwork in your home can function with your new air conditioner. You need this information primarily to prepare for how much you will spend to have the AC installed. You will have to pay more if you must invest in all new ductwork because your current ductwork will not work with the new unit.

3. What New Technology Comes With My Air Conditioner?

You need to find out what kind of technology will come with your new air conditioning unit. Some of this technology can include having a digital thermostat installed with it. It can also include wireless technology that lets you control your unit with your smartphone or tablet. This technology makes using your AC easier and potentially more affordable because you can control the temperature from your smart device.

4. Will My New Air Conditioner Lower My Utility Bills?

Another important question to ask involves how your new air conditioner will affect your home’s utility bills. You want to know if it will cause your bills to go up substantially or help them go down with its energy efficiency. The installer can advise you about the unit’s energy efficiency and whether or not it will use less electricity. You can prepare for a change in your utility bills based on this information.

5. What Permits Do I Need to Install My New Air Conditioner?

Depending on the size and location of where you plan on installing your new air conditioner, you may need to get permits for the installation. This particularly might be the case if the new unit must be installed to the top of your building or if any of your property must be altered for the unit to be installed. You can find out if the installation service will get the proper permits for you by asking this question during your air conditioning estimate.

6. What Type of Warranty or Guarantee Do You Offer with My New Unit?

You likewise want to know what kind of guarantee or warranty you will get with your new air conditioner. It may be reasonable to expect the installer to guarantee his or her work for several months or longer. You also can expect to get a warranty on the new unit that spans several years or longer. The warranty or guarantee can spare you from having to pay for expensive repairs or replacements to your unit.

7. Are You Insured or Bonded?

You can ask if the installer is insured and bonded for your protection during the air conditioning estimate. You want to hire an installer who has these credentials for your own safety and protection. They ensure the installer has undergone the necessary training and background checks to work safely and reliably in and around customers’ homes. You may find it easier to trust the installer with putting in a new air conditioner for you.

8. Are There Any Tax Rebates or Credits Available With My New Unit?

Finally, you should find out if your new AC unit comes with any tax rebates or credits. You can claim the credits on your taxes and get money back on your purchase with rebates.

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