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Help! Why Is My Dishwasher Water Draining Into My Sink?


Everything is going smoothly when the dishwasher begins its cycle. Then, all of a sudden, the dishwasher begins draining into the sink. You begin to panic and stumble to find a solution to the problem as water cascades down onto your floor. This scenario could happen to anybody. No one wants to clean up a mess of overflowing water. Here are several handy tips to help you avoid this unfortunate scenario from ever happening.

Dishwasher Blockage

It’s alright for a bit of water to remain in the dishwasher after a cycle. However, if there’s a pool of water, that means the draining system is not working properly. Check to make sure the drain is not obstructed and that there are no kinks or breaks in the drainage hose. If that looks clear, then check for build up in the hose. It’s important to always use the appropriate detergent in order to avoid blockages.

Blocked Disposal

At times, the drain plug in your garbage disposal can become blocked. When it becomes blocked, the water has nowhere to drain. This is where problems can arise. If you suspect this might be the issue, check the drain plug for debris. If it’s a recently installed disposal, the plug might still be installed and will need to be removed. Always be sure to unplug your disposal before placing your hand near the blades to avoid injury or shock.

Air Gap

Some sinks have an air gap installed near the faucet to prevent this problem of backflow in your sink. If you see water leaking from the top, you probably have debris blocking the gap. Try unscrewing the cap and checking for any blockages. If the problem persists, you may want to call your trusted technician to locate and release the blockage.

Blockage in Your Sink

There are times when your sink simply becomes clogged and needs cleaning. Snaking your drain or using a drain cleaner will usually clear up the clog. If not, then you may need a professional to help you get your sink properly functioning and flowing again.

Call the Expert Plumbers at Air Tech of Central Florida

If you’re still unsure about why your dishwasher is draining into your sink, the experienced and trained plumbers at Air Tech of Central Florida are here to help. Be sure to contact us so we can assist you with any of your plumbing, HVAC or handyman needs.

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Specializing in residential and commercial HVAC services, Air Tech offers a wide range of solutions to meet the heating and cooling needs of their customers. Their team of skilled technicians is trained to handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems with expertise and precision.

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