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Refrigerants: What Are They and Why Should You Care?


If your home’s HVAC unit is not functioning properly, you may be researching online for possible solutions to help fix it. Perhaps you have even had an HVAC technician visit your home and determined that your refrigerant is leaking or is not at a sufficient level.

While you may have heard the term refrigerant in relation to your HVAC before, you may not be fully aware of what they are or how they work. With a closer look, you will see that refrigerants are critical to the overall function of your home’s HVAC unit. If you have a leak or low levels, you should schedule a service to remedy the situation as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know about refrigerants.

What Are Refrigerants?

During the refrigeration cycle in the cooling process, the refrigerant is the heat carrier that changes from a gas to a liquid initially. Then, it changes back to a gaseous form to complete the cycle. By doing so, it cools the air that is passing through the HVAC unit. Essentially, it is directly responsible for cooling your home’s air.

Why Are Refrigerants Important?

Because the refrigerant is essential for removing heat from the air and for cooling it, the HVAC system would not be able to function properly without it. Essentially, it would blow warm air through the home without ample refrigerant. The refrigerant generally is recycled and never lost. Therefore, if you have a lower level of refrigerant than is needed to do the job, this is a sign that you may have a leak. Repairing the leak and replenishing the fluids are critical steps to ensuring the overall function of the HVAC unit and will result in peak energy efficiency and savings.

Call Air Tech of Central Florida for Refrigerant Leaks

Now that you understand more about what the refrigerant does in your HVAC unit and you see why it is so important, you may be ready to move forward with repairing the leak and replenishing the fluids in your system. Air Tech of Central Florida is the area’s leading HVAC company, and the team can easily diagnose and repair the issue that you are currently dealing with when it comes to your residential or commercial unit. We strive to provide fast, friendly service so that you can once again enjoy full function of your home’s cooling system without delay. Contact Us today to inquire about appointment availability for your refrigerant issue.

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Specializing in residential and commercial HVAC services, Air Tech offers a wide range of solutions to meet the heating and cooling needs of their customers. Their team of skilled technicians is trained to handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems with expertise and precision.

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