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How Can I Fix Low Water Pressure in My Bathroom?


Unfortunately, low water pressure is not always an issue homeowners can tackle by themselves. It often results from poor plumbing inside the house. While homeowners can, in some cases, find the source and fix it, low water pressure usually requires professional assistance.

Start With the Area of Low Pressure

If the low water pressure only affects one faucet, the issue might not go much further than that fixture. Sometimes there is a blockage in the aerator or valve. If low water pressure affects more than one faucet, it is possible that the valve is partially closed or the blockage is in the main supply pipe. A leak in the pipes can also affect multiple fixtures.

Mineral Deposits Can Block the Flow of Water

If the water pressure gradually decreases, it is possible that mineral deposits are blocking the aerator. Fortunately, this is simple to check and fix. Unscrew the aerator and take a look inside. If there are white deposits, soak the aerator in vinegar to dissolve them. White vinegar is also effective at dissolving deposits that have built up on the valve mechanism.

Reset the Home Water Pressure Regulator

While not all homes have a water pressure regulator, or an easily accessible one, low pressure can also result from a malfunctioning pressure regulator. Usually, the pressure regulator is located where the plumbing meets the house. If this is the case, unfortunately, a certified plumber will need to reset it. Indoor water pressure regulators do not always require a professional.

Schedule an Appointment with Air Tech of Central Florida

When confronted with low water pressure, try some DIY troubleshooting, but call a professional for a full evaluation. The highly qualified technicians at Air Tech of Central Florida have the expertise needed to quickly repair lower water pressure issues. For more information, feel free to call to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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