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Why Is My Water Bill So High?


A water bill that is higher than normal can be an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month. While a higher water bill could just be a sign of changes in water usage, it could also indicate a larger problem. Here are a few reasons why your water bill might be abnormally high.

Leaking Faucets and Toilets

One of the main causes of a high water bill is a leaking toilet. A toilet that runs continuously might not seem like a big problem, but it can actually waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. A dripping faucet can have a similar effect. You can usually tell if you have a leaking faucet or toilet just by observation, but if your water bill has been high, it does not hurt to do an in-depth check for leaks in your faucets and toilets, especially since these types of leaks have the potential to double your water use each month.

Hidden Leaks

Unfortunately, leaks are not always easy to detect. They can occur in places you cannot see, such as underground, in the pipes inside your walls and in the service line between the water meter and your house. If you have not found any visible leaks within your home, check your crawl space for any wet spots that might indicate a leak.

Water Softeners

Water softener systems are set to regenerate, or backwash, themselves, which can lead to higher water bills. The systems use water to clean their filters and then discard the wastewater in the ground. Water softener systems can also get stuck in a cycle, which can lead to even more wasted water. If your water bill spikes after installing a water softening system, have a technician verify that the system works properly. Also, if you have had a water softening system for some time without a noticeable change in your bill, contact a plumbing expert to inspect the system.

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