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How to Choose a Hot Water Heater


Choosing the correct water heater will have quite an impact on your family’s comfort and your monthly utility bills. It might seem like these appliances are relatively similar, but advances in technology have given homeowners countless new features to consider. Whether your current water heater has reached the end of its life or you are moving into a new home, now is a great time to purchase a new hot water heater. Read ahead for some tips that you can use to find the perfect water heater for your home.

Identify Your Fuel Source

The first thing that you must do is identify the type of fuel that your water heater uses. The two most popular energy sources are gas and electric. Families that have access to more than one energy source should take some time to compare costs. Using an expensive fuel source could negate any savings that you get from buying an affordable water heater.

Operating Costs, Energy Efficiency and Size

The vast majority of homeowners will want to consider a high-efficiency water heater for their homes. For the average family, a water heater accounts for approximately 17 percent of the home’s total energy use, which means that a high-efficiency model could save you hundreds of dollars per year. The storage capacity for these appliances is important, too. A household with four residents will typically need a water heater with a 40-gallon tank, but a household with just one or two residents can often get by with a 25 or 30-gallon tank.

What About Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters have become incredibly popular in recent years. These devices often save homeowners money because they do not keep a large tank of water heated at all times. Alternatively, they only heat the water when it is needed. This also means that families will not have to fight over hot water because there is a constant supply. Larger families can install two or more tankless water heaters to keep their whole home supplied with warm water.

Contact Air Tech of Central Florida for Affordable Water Heater Installations

If you would like to know more about your options for a new water heater, our professional and experienced technicians are only a phone call away. Please contact us today to set up your own appointment for water heater maintenance, repairs, new installations, and recommendations.

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