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Is Your Air Conditioner Energy Efficient?


It goes without saying that the air conditioning system is one of the best inventions of the last century. But, despite the convenience of having cool air whenever we want, ACs can use an exorbitant amount of energy.

Your air conditioner doesn’t have to be greedy when it comes to energy usage though! Here are three ways you can make your AC more environmentally friendly.

Inspect the Ductwork

The ductwork within your air conditioning system is responsible for transporting cool air throughout the different rooms in your home or business. But if the ductwork isn’t up to par, air can leak out of the ductwork. Not only will this cause insufficient cooling, but energy waste too. To ensure that your AC is running at peak efficiency and not wasting energy, make sure that the ductwork is in good shape, sized properly, and doesn’t have any tears or imperfections that could be letting air escape.

Change the Air Filter

We all know that we should be replacing our air filters regularly, but sometimes we let the responsibility fall by the wayside. But swapping out dirty air filters for clean and fresh air filters come with big incentives for you, your home, and the environment! A clean, fresh air filter will increase the airflow throughout your air conditioning system, taking unnecessary stress off of your AC. The result? Your system won’t have to work overtime to compensate for the dirty filter and will use less energy as a result.

Have Regular Maintenance Checkups

In order to function as efficiently as possible, your air conditioning system needs a little TLC from time to time—think twice annually in the form of a maintenance checkup. During a maintenance checkup, your entire system will be inspected to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. This keeps your system working efficiently year-round, saving energy in the process.

Schedule Your Maintenance Checkup Today

At Air Tech of Central Florida, we believe air conditioning systems can provide comfort while also being environmentally friendly. That’s why we are proud to provide convenient and affordable maintenance checkups that keep your AC functioning as efficiently as possible all year long. Learn what’s included in our maintenance plan or schedule your maintenance checkup today!

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Luigi Ferraro

Specializing in residential and commercial HVAC services, Air Tech offers a wide range of solutions to meet the heating and cooling needs of their customers. Their team of skilled technicians is trained to handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems with expertise and precision.

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