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Why You Need a Tankless Water Heater


There are a few things worse than coming home from a long day at work only to find your third in line for the shower. When it’s finally your turn to wash the day away, all you’re left with is ice-cold water. While this is a common problem for traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters provide a solution. Learn more about tankless water heaters and why you need one, here:

The Tankless Heating Process

Traditional water heaters have a large tank that holds and heats the water. But to supply warm water to your sinks and showers, the system needs to continually heat the water to maintain a consistent temperature. Because this process involves constant energy use, there will be standby heat loss. So although traditional tank water heaters will provide you with warm water, they aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly option and are prone to running out of warm water.

The gas tankless water heating process is much different. These water heaters avoid standby heat loss by heating water only when you need it. When the hot water tap is turned on, cold water is drawn into the water heater where a flow sensor activates the gas burner, which in turn warms the heat exchanger. The incoming cold water circles the heat exchanger and leaves the heater at the proper temperature. From here, the water is heated almost instantly, leaving you with hot water—no matter what place you’re at in the shower line.

Benefits of Going Tankless

It’s obvious that tankless water heaters tout many benefits, but these are just some of the highlights:

Convenience: Tankless water heaters heat the water as you need it, rather than continually heating water that’s stored in a tank. With tankless water heaters, hot water is always available, making comfort convenient.
Space Saving: Since there is no bulky tank to store the hot water, the tankless water heater saves you valuable closet or garage real estate.
Eco-Friendly: Gas tankless water heaters operate using either propane or natural gas, a much more eco-friendly option than electricity. Besides that, tankless water heaters are estimated to be 30 percent more efficient than a traditional 50-gallon water heater.
Cost-Effective: Not only do gas tankless water heaters save the environment, but they can save you money too. On average, tankless water heaters save homeowners around 40 percent on their utility bills each month!
Reliable: Gas tankless water heaters are reliable, lasting almost twice as long as a traditional water heater, so you’ll have peace of mind when you invest in one.

End Your Cold Water Woes with Air Tech of Central Florida

If you’re interested in investing in a gas tankless water heater or simply need a repair or replacement, contact the professionals at AIr Tech of Central Florida. We provide speedy and economical plumbing services for home and business owners and are available 24/7 to assist you. Contact Us to learn more about gas tankless water heaters or schedule your appointment today.

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