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Six Healthy New Year’s Resolutions To Adopt in 2016


With the new year fast approaching, it’s important to consider making a few resolutions to prepare for a healthier and happier 2016. Just a few simple changes to your lifestyle can go a long way. Here are ideas to help make 2016 your best year yet.

Plan for Your Health

Everyone can benefit from habits of healthier eating and living. Enjoy the holidays by taking a walk outside with friends and family — four-legged, furry ones included. Not only does walking help boost metabolism and burn calories, it can also be a good way to spend time outdoors and admire Christmas decorations.
Deciding to change up your snacks to healthier treats like fruits and vegetables can also be a great way to reap the benefits of better health. According to the CDC, fruits and vegetables not only help control weight but also provide essential vitamins and minerals. Try adding bananas and strawberries to your cereal, substituting vegetables for cheese and meat at lunch, or adding fresh veggies to your favorite meal at dinner.

Become More Social

Reconnecting with old friends is always fun, and the holiday season is a good time to catch up with loved ones. However, you should invest in new friendships this year, too. Consider joining a local club or team and think of ways you can enjoy your hobbies with others. Holiday events abound, so see if you can make some new connections along the way.

Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Indoor air quality is essential to good health and home comfort. In addition to checking for leaks and clearing away debris from the unit, it is also critical to routinely replace air filters. Cleaning or replacing your air filters prevents unwanted particles from circulating around your home and helps your HVAC system last longer.

Call Air Tech of Central Florida for Assistance

All of us at Air Tech of Central Florida wish you a happy and healthy New Year. If you want to learn more about your air conditioning and heating maintenance options, or would like to speak with an experienced technician, Contact Us today.

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