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How a UV Light Can Keep Your Air Clean


What comes to mind when you think of ultraviolet light, better known as UV light? For many of us, our brains tend to associate UV light with tanning beds and long days at the beach. But beyond giving us a summer glow, UV light can also fight off germs, bacteria, mold pollutants and more.
For decades, UV light has been used in hospitals and other places in need of germ-fighting power—so why not use them in our homes, too? Well, now you can. By having a UV light installed inside the air handler component of your HVAC system, you can make your home cleaner and healthier while boosting the quality of the air.

How Do UV Lights Work in an Air Conditioner?

UV light is highly effective at killing germs, bacteria, mold, pollutants and the like, which is why utilizing UV light technology in conjunction with your HVAC system is a great option.

When installed in the air handler, UV light sterilizes the air by killing the microorganisms that are present inside of your HVAC system. Ultraviolet light kills the microorganisms by damaging their DNA and disrupting the chemical bonds that hold the atoms together. Once the microorganism is damaged enough, it will no longer be able to repair itself or regenerate new cells. A UV light installed in an air handler will sterilize all of the air that passes through before it can be dispersed throughout your home.

What Are the Benefits of UV Lights?

UV light touts some serious benefits, including:

Reduced Bacteria: As you know, UV light fights against bacteria in an epic way. Not only does it remove existing bacteria, but UV light damages bacteria beyond repair.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: UV light technology can improve the quality of the air inside of your home. Considering the EPA found indoor air quality to be the second biggest environmental hazard to humans, we could all use some IAQ-boosting power.

Improved Efficiency: UV light is not only economical, but it will improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. This will lessen the amount of energy your system needs to function, which will reduce your energy bills in the process.

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