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3 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill Right Now


No one should have to prioritize keeping a low electric bill over his or her home comfort. Just like you shouldn’t lay in bed at night sweating just because you’re trying to keep your bill low. It is possible to cool your home with an air conditioner on without running up your electric bill. Here are a few things you can do right now to lower your monthly bill:

Replace the Air Filters

Your use of your AC system is a strong indicator of what your energy bill will look like at the end of the month. In order to keep your bill low, you’ll have to make sure your AC runs as efficiently as possible. One way of doing that is by replacing the air filter inside your system every month. The air filter works by blocking out the dust being sucked in with the air that’s going into your AC system. Eventually, your filter will collect too much dust and the system will have to use more energy to cool your home because it’s clogged. It’s important to change your filter monthly so that doesn’t happen.

Close Your Curtains

On a hot summer day, leaving the curtains open while trying to cool down your home is counterproductive. You’re cooling a space that’s having its temperature naturally increased by the sunlight coming through. This combination makes your AC work a lot harder than it needs to. Closing your curtains to block out the sunlight will aid your AC in making your home feel more comfortable and matching your desired indoor temperature.

Set Your Temperature Strategically

When it comes to leaving your AC running while you go to work or spend a day away from home, setting your thermostat to a higher temperature is your best bet. The only exception to this rule is window units. If you have a window unit, turning it off while you’re gone will save you more energy in the long run. When it comes to a central AC unit, leaving it on is better. This is because your system will spend more energy trying to cool down your hot space than it will when maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors.

Increase Your AC’s Efficiency Through an HVAC Company

For further help with your AC and lowering your monthly energy bill, take advantage of the services from an HVAC company. Air Tech of Central Florida offers affordable maintenance from experienced NATE certified technicians that will further improve your AC’s efficiency. The best way to receive maintenance section from us is through our Maintenance Agreement Plan, which offers benefits such as priority scheduling and two yearly maintenance checks. Contact Us today to get started!

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Luigi Ferraro

Specializing in residential and commercial HVAC services, Air Tech offers a wide range of solutions to meet the heating and cooling needs of their customers. Their team of skilled technicians is trained to handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems with expertise and precision.

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